Reasons to build a good relationship with your plumber

Reasons to build a good relationship with your plumber
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There are certain people it’s always good to know. Someone who can tell you why your emails aren’t working. Someone who can answer that tax question. And someone you can call when you have a water leak, a burst water pipe, or a blocked drain. An emergency plumber is an important person to know, but it’s also important to have a good relationship with your plumber when there’s no water shooting uncontrollably around your house. You should be building a good ongoing relationship with your plumber for a number of reasons.


For your Canberra plumber to do their job effectively, they need to understand exactly what the problem is. Therefore, if you have built a solid relationship with your plumber, you can quickly and easily communicate this information to them. Whether you are able to give your emergency plumber details over the phone or even send them photos of the problem, this information will help them do their job faster and more efficiently. A plumber who understands you and your needs can bring the right tools for the job, have any necessary parts ready, and save you time and money.

Save Money

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Plumbers can also save you money in unexpected ways. For example, your plumber can help you with:

– A water softening system. This will remove naturally occurring minerals in your water such as calcium, limestone, lead iron, and magnesium. Without these minerals running through your taps and appliances, you can extend their lifespan by up to 30%. You’ll also find you’re able to use less detergent and shampoo without these minerals reducing your soaping efforts.

– Repairing leaks. A slow leak can quickly add up to a big water bill. An unidentified leak can also cause mold which can lead to expensive repairs.

– Gas hot water systems. Switching to a tankless hot water system can save your power and your water bills as you’re only heating the water as you need it.

– Updating fixtures. You may already know about low-flow showerheads and taps, but did you also know your plumber can save you money by installing an energy-saving dishwasher and washing machine?

– Maintenance. You may think that the worst part of a plumber’s job was when they’re called into the bathroom. However, most plumbers find the most unpleasant and difficult substance to work with is grease. When you have a good ongoing relationship with your plumber, they can help you maintain your kitchen sinks and food disposals to avoid costly, messy, and smelly build-ups of grease.



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We take fresh, clean running water for granted. Even when we need an emergency plumber, our water systems are usually back online in several hours. However, keeping your water systems and pipes clean and well-maintained means that your plumber is ensuring your access to clean water and reducing your risk of exposure to a range of diseases.

It is also important to remember that plumbing can be dangerous and shouldn’t be attempted as a DIY project. Your plumber could be facing up to 100 pounds of pressure from a burst water pipe. Therefore, it’s best to leave the repairs and maintenance to the experts, for your own safety.

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